• Research Engineer and Research Assistant positions are available at Positions. Undergraduate students interested in joining active research are invited to visit VAVlab and contact Dr. Burak Acar.
  • FAU and Siemens Healthcare calls for innovative projects to Innovation Research Lab Exhibition 2015. The best projects stand a chance to win a financial award and a Siemens fellowship. More info.
  • The new LiCO (Liver Case Ontology) version 0.1.0 has been released
  • VAVlab's FSnet (Structure Guided Funcitonal Brain Networks) project has been funded by Bogazici University Research Funds (BAP)
  • VAVlab's multi-center BRAINet (Composite Network Modeling of Neurological/Psychiatric Disorders and Application to Alzheimer’s Disease) project has been funded by TUBITAK-ARDEB 1003 Programme.
  • 1st International KEYSTONE Conference (IKC 2015) will be at Coimbra, Portugal, on 8-9 September, 2015. The conference registration is free and it has presentation as well as brain-storming sessions.
  • The only Turkish<->English Dictionary of Engineering Terms, prepared by a committee of academicians under the supervision of Prof. Bulent Sankur from Bogazici University, is online.