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Continuous representations of brain connectivity using spatial point processes.
Moyer D, Gutman BA, Faskowitz J, Jahanshad N, Thompson PM
Med Image Anal (2017 Oct 1) 41: 32-39
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Brain/ConnectTractog, Graph Analysis, Modality/dMRI · Added: Sep 21st, 2017
A survey on deep learning in medical image analysis.
Litjens G, Kooi T, Bejnordi BE, Setio AAA, Ciompi F, Ghafoorian M, van der Laak JAWM, van Ginneken B, Sánchez CI
Med Image Anal (2017 Jul 26) 42: 60-88
Category: Machine Learning & CAD, Overview, Registration, Segmentation · Added: Sep 21st, 2017
Separating blood and water: Perfusion and free water elimination from diffusion MRI in the human brain.
Rydhög AS, Szczepankiewicz F, Wirestam R, Ahlgren A, Westin CF, Knutsson L, Pasternak O
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 1) 156: 423-434
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Filters, Modality/dMRI · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
Neural correlates of believing.
Han X, Zhang T, Wang S, Han S
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 1) 156: 155-165
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Brain/Multivariate, Clinical / Disease · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
Individual parcellation of resting fMRI with a group functional connectivity prior.
Chong M, Bhushan C, Joshi AA, Choi S, Haldar JP, Shattuck DW, Spreng RN, Leahy RM
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 1) 156: 87-100
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Modality/fMRI, Segmentation · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
Large-scale sparse functional networks from resting state fMRI.
Li H, Satterthwaite TD, Fan Y
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 1) 156: 1-13
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Brain/ConnectTractog, Modality/fMRI · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
Diffeomorphic functional brain surface alignment: Functional demons.
Nenning KH, Liu H, Ghosh SS, Sabuncu MR, Schwartz E, Langs G
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 1) 156: 456-465
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Modality/fMRI, Registration, Segmentation · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
Evaluating fibre orientation dispersion in white matter: Comparison of diffusion MRI, histology and polarized light imaging.
Mollink J, Kleinnijenhuis M, Cappellen van Walsum AV, Sotiropoulos SN, Cottaar M, Mirfin C, Heinrich MP, Jenkinson M, Pallebage-Gamarallage M, Ansorge O, Jbabdi S, Miller KL
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 15) 157: 561-574
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Brain/ConnectTractog, Modality/dMRI, Modality/Histopathology · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
Resting-state fMRI correlations: From link-wise unreliability to whole brain stability.
Pannunzi M, Hindriks R, Bettinardi RG, Wenger E, Lisofsky N, Martensson J, Butler O, Filevich E, Becker M, Lochstet M, Kühn S, Deco G
Neuroimage (2017 Aug 15) 157: 250-262
Category: BodyPart/Brain, Brain/ConnectTractog, Modality/fMRI · Added: Sep 17th, 2017
A novel signal compression method based on optimal ensemble empirical mode decomposition for bearing vibration signals
Guo Wei, Tse Peter W.
Journal of Sound and Vibration (2013 Jan 1) 332: 423-441
Category: Compression, Filters, Spectral Analysis, Time Series Analysis · Added: Sep 8th, 2017